Ivy Guy serves as my own shot at creating a classical style sculpture such as those from the Baroque period, a time and aesthetic which I idolize.  I believe it was heavily influenced by the charcoal sketches of masters' works that I've been producing over the past few months. The amazing ZBrush, Maya, and Renderman softwares made this possible, and I feel extremely lucky to utilize such incredibe, modern day tech to replicate an old school look. 

   The figure was sculpted from memory alone, and although I've been studying the human form for a while I believe I still have a long way to go. However, it was exciting to see how much I could rely on my accumulated anatomy knowledge as a visual guide. For the most part, portions of this figure were envisioned with a large amount of clarity, while other parts are still a bit of a guessing game. I believe this type of art requires a lifetime of commitment and patience to achieve truly incredible results, so I'm looking forward towards improving upon this craft throughout the future. Hopefully one day I can implement anatomical knowledge into all of my upcoming work with pure confidence and ease.